annie elequin

React Native developer in ATX

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Current Projects

Beeper (

Go sign up for Beeper immediately. It is my dream app. 

Beeper is a chat app that merges your other chat apps together. I work on frontend for the desktop team! 

Interstellar Fight Club (

My husband is primarily making the game, but I'm helping out in a variety of ways. 

I am creating IFC Tools (below), which enables husband to iterate on card design and print cards, or add them to Tabletop Simulator. 

I'm also 3D printing the miniatures for our prototypes! 


IFC Tools is a React app which contains the following features: 

It is not well documented since it's custom-made for my husband, but feel free to poke around! 

Take me to IFC Tools!

Past Projects

Slayer Combat

Creating a variety of tools and resources to support my husband's development of his own board game. 



Working on app designs for Tentmakers, a new company aiming to connect missionaries with professionals who can help with day-to-day business activities. 

Houseplant Games

Currently creating illustrations for Houseplant Games' newest game "Party Animals".

React Native Matrix Chat Client

NPM package to easily add Matrix chat in your own apps